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Tanabata Festival to send what gift Capricorn girl

Le 23 septembre 2015, 05:48 dans Humeurs 0


Capricorn woman exquisite texture, Custom bobbleheads dolls a gift from nature to opinion quality cheap price, and in fact quite weighty job. Ring, watch or necklace with jade, preferably gold, so she kind of protection texture, of course, you also said she chose to have the texture you are a man too! So, do not send her some imitations or not refined texture of things.


Capricorn girls impression is pure and lovely college girl, like a semi-cardigan wearing woolen suit Grace? Kelly. So, buy her a set of candy-colored or pale pink wool cardigan suit is very good. Cold winter night, to send her a pair of comfortable slippers lambskin, let her warm feet. This is a very nostalgic sign, so you like her, you can send captured at auction jewelry, or a pair of your grandmother left pearl or diamond earrings. She likes antiques, so you can send her a set of retro-style cotton bedding, or a Middle Eastern-style carpets, the art store to buy high imitation goods is also acceptable. There is also a good idea to send her a genuine Shi Wen bike, if classic cars 50 years (this car is not cheap, if you are staying in a city like New York, one day at a bike at the state lost the case, You'd better think twice). A 20-year old radio, whether it is genuine or imitation goods are lifted her. She is a career type of girl, so you can send her a good commuter bag, briefcase or memo, so she can grasp their own agenda. As for perfume, French perfume she likes, especially the classic series.


Capricorn sensible and shy girl, quiet, keep their part, there are practical things carefully planned, but in his heart he was hidden in the heart of the extreme, Man Bobbleheads one for the positive, enthusiastic personality of their favorite people or work, that Shares unyielding strength, impressive, and the other for the cold intolerance and derailment of disdain, and not force himself to accept the feelings of a not agree, so send her a gift to representatives of symbolism exaggerated gorgeous affection principle.

Tanabata Festival to send what gift Sagittarius girl

Le 23 septembre 2015, 05:46 dans Humeurs 0


Sagittarius girl full of vitality, bobbleheads but also very athletic, you can send her a gym membership card, or a fitness DVD. She likes to participate in sports novelty, you can help her registration number of training courses (such as karate, equestrian and cycling). In fact, no matter what kind of curriculum will attract the attention of Sagittarius girl, so you can look at some brochures, find some interesting subjects, whether it is to learn Italian dishes, or cook Chinese food, you can. In short, to Sagittarius girl's best gift is: help her find courses.


She is a very smart girl, so if you want to buy her books, you can buy now is a popular and controversial book to her, so that you can explore the contents of the book together. Sometimes she would like a tomboy, but also like to see what the circus, the more novelty show more fit her taste. Her constellation stone is turquoise, so send piece of jewelry with turquoise might bring her good luck. She loved animals, so it can send a kitten or puppy.


In clothes, she likes simple and comfortable sportswear, so that she can mix and match. She might need a folding suitcase (long section of women's suitcase) or a cream-colored leather passport holder often away from home to meet her needs. She is very contemporary, so you can send a digital camera, so that she can always put on your homepage of your favorite photos, and the price is right now there are a lot of digital cameras for you to choose. Send a motion navigation watch should be much appreciated by her. As a sporty girl, a good pair of hiking boots can win her favor, or you can think about sneakers.


Free-spirited Sagittarius girl, a talk about love, often loved and enthusiasm carried away, but do not like to be bound, poor sense of responsibility to recognize, a bit like a playful child-like, need a stable, mature girls to care of themselves, therefore, can send her a "heart to heart" a small gift, she will be very happy.


If she likes to watch movies, likenessyou one can reserve tickets, you pay by the card, it is fit again, but also the gift. Or to travel abroad with her, for her to pay the full cost of air tickets and accommodation, etc., she jumped up and cheer!